PM Imran Khan Turns Down French President’s Call Like A Boss And Damn…

Among the love and loads of hate Imran Khan is receiving as he takes over the office as the much-awaited prime minister of the country, here is another incident people are talking about. A few days ago, Imran Khan using a helicopter to commute was the talk of the media. Explanations on why it fuel-efficient and otherwise were floated all over the local media.

Moving past from that (well, not completely), the media is now talking about how the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan denied talking to French President Emmanuel Macron because the PM was in a meeting.

In Posts That Were Shared by Media Officials, Imran Khan Refused Talking to the French President Because he was In a Meeting with Journalists

Hamid Mir, who was also president in the meeting, confirmed that the prime minister said to inform the French president to call after 30 minutes, assuming he’d be done by the meeting with the journalists by then.

According to the officials, Foreign Secretary Tehmina Janjua asked Imran Khan to attend the call, but the prime minister was persistent on finishing his meeting with the journalists first.

Here’s What Hamid Mir Had to Say

Here’s a Still from the Meeting

Saad Rafique Claims this Is All a Drama

The PMLN politician claims that there has to prior communication before making a call, so this probably is a false story.

And Pakistanis Have Mixed Say On this

If it is true, this can lead to some uncertain relations between the two officials of the country. On the other hand, let’s see if any official makes a comment on this.


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