‘Coronavirus Jaan Leva Hai’: PM Imran Criticized For Not Wearing Face Mask

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COVID-19 pandemic has grilled the whole world in its vicious cycle. Pakistan is one of the countries that has significantly hit by the lethal virus. However, not only common people but Prime Minister Imran Khan himself is not taking precautionary measures.

Recently, a viral picture of the premier showcases how he is the only one not wearing a face mask. He has ignored it multiple times in the past as well. Consequently, people are now slamming the PM on social media for his careless attitude.

Although Pakistan surpassed China in COVID-19 cases, PM Imran Khan is not observing SOPs himself.

The picture depicts as if PM Imran Khan does not care for himself and others at all. The Chief of Army Staff (COAS) is wearing the face masks along with the cortege and Director General Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI), Lieutenant General Faiz Hamid. It is only the PM who is not wearing the mask.

People in Pakistan despite the rise in the virus are taking is as a joke. And now, if the PM will show negligence, it will only motivate Pakistanis more to violate the COVID-19 precautionary measures openly.

PTI leadership is not serious about the pandemic

The government has lifted the lockdown and even when Pakistan was in the state of lockdown, the government officials along with the hoi polloi did not take precautionary measures seriously. Besides, many are accusing the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government of badly tackling the pandemic.

Earlier,  PTI leader Khurrum Sher Zaman said that COVID-19 is the weakest in Pakistan. Such statements are driving people to not take the virus seriously, despite soaring cases and death rate.

Here’s how people across social media lambasting the PM for not wearing the face mask

Here’s what the senior journalist says

“Is our PM Exempt?”, ask the guy.

This is what activist Bilal Bin Saqib says

Well well…

‘Is our PM immune from Corona?’

To conclude, people have severely criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan for not wearing the face mask. Besides, social media is inundated with posts regarding SOP’s as COVID-19 cases soared across the country.

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