Please Stop Calling Me A "Khamba", Tall Girls Are NORMAL!

Please Stop Calling Me A “Khamba”, Tall Girls Are NORMAL Human Beings!

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Dear world,

On behalf of all the tall girls in the world, I really wanna address this issue that “tall girls apparently aren’t normal”. We are tall but trust me we’re completely NORMAL and yes we do have feelings like everyone else.

We are completely proud of our height weather we’re 5’9 or whether we’re 6 feet because the same God created us that created you and why shouldn’t we be proud of our height? Why? I mean long limbs can do wonders and stand out, it has its own beauty.

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To all those people who constantly stare at us and to all those of you who constantly mock us for being too tall and saying things that we won’t find a guy and “ab kitni Lambi hogi, ab Toh rukh jao”, “khambi ” and stuff like that, so listen up.

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Firstly our height is so not in our hands and we can’t do shit about it, secondly, larka Mille ya na mile it’s none of your business, we have much better things to do in life than to think about this and lastly we’re not blind or deaf okay. We know you’re constantly staring at us for standing out and we can definitely hear you saying “haye yeh kitni Lambi hai”.


Banda chota Ho Toh masla aur lamba Ho tab bhi masla. Just because we don’t say anything, doesn’t mean you can have the rights to say whatever you want. All we want from you guys to do is to seriously stop mocking us for being tall.

We’re completely proud of our heights, after all, we can’t all be the same and we’re beautiful in our own ways whether we’re short or tall. Please respect this and instead of mocking or staring at us learn to appreciate our confidence.

It’ll be really appreciated and with that being said watch us slay and conquer with our long limbs, much love xoxo.

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