Plastic Bags Should Be Banned Or Else Pakistan Will Be Doomed

plastic bags ban

Is it worth it to carry a few groceries in a lethal shopping bag called the plastic bag? These bags are so dangerous that because of their mischievous attitude towards the earth, they can finally destroy humanity by 2050. Well, sadly this includes Pakistan as well. So, plastic bags should be banned even if the population tries to disagree.

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We live in a world where we rapidly understand that humanity is in danger because of its own actions. Yet we seem to be so nonchalant over it. It’s as if we are forgetting that we barely have any other planets to go to.

Pakistan is among the top countries that have no courtesy for the planet and are just dumping heaps of trash into the seas/rivers. Yes, that’s why the Arabic Sea has become so dull and dark.

How Long Does It Take For Plastic Bags To Decompose? – The Impact it carries:

It can take up to 1000 years for plastic to decompose so after ten centuries your precious plastic bag is going to see the last light. These aren’t just a couple of years but a continuation of many decades.

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Not only does it take a lot of time to decompose but it also ends up breaking into small microscopic pieces that become a part of our natural habitats like soils or waters. This, in turn, influences our food chain and ultimately we eat plastic for breakfast. So, yes, plastic bags pollution is that serious.

There are tons of reasons why plastics are harmful, here are a handful:

We Are Literally Killing Our Wildlife:

Pretty much, most of the aquatic animals mistake the plastic bags for food because of its clear nature. This is why a lot of turtles suffer from the fate of plastic bags because it resembles a jellyfish – the main form of food for turtles.

Also, the bags have chemicals in them. The animals die from choking but also from the chemicals released from the bags. This actually contributes to a long painful death.

And this is the exact reason why we see animals washing up our shores every day with bodies filled with plastic.

The Dangers of Microplastics:

Plastic bags break down into smaller pieces and the creepy part is they are everywhere. As mentioned above as well, microplastics are actually a part of the food chain now. We are consuming plastic slowly. Not to mention, the entire ecosystem is suffering from the hands of these particles.

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is definitely something to be fearful of. Not only does it have MILES of plastic roaming around but the amount of countless microplastic is absolutely terrifying.

Plastic Bags are Super Difficult to Recycle:

Okay so we barely have any recycling firms here but the ones that do operate find the recycling of plastic bags rather difficult. The reason is that plastic bags tend to get stuck in the recycling machinery and getting them out is hard and costly.

They also need to be clean in order to be recycled and that often times impossible. Recycling companies don’t want to deal with the costs that it takes to recycle plastic bags so plastic bag recycling is decreasing.

More of a reason to avoid or ban them.

Destruction of Nature:

Forests are losing their glow and greenery because of the abundance of plastic bags near them. Moreover, seas are becoming brownish-black. There need to be regulations to control the usage of these bags so natural sceneries are not entirely affected.

This isn’t just an issue of destroying the ‘beauty’ of nature. Our lives are depending on the safety of these sceneries. The more they are polluted, the shorter our lifespan gets.


Plastic Bags Alternatives:

The best option is a reusable bag. You can use it multiple times without having to purchase a plastic bag every single day. We are definitely compromising the Earth in the making of reusable bags but the impact and damage is lesser. And, there are other alternatives as well. Plastic bags alternatives are always going to be better and safer than plastic bags themselves. With plastic bags, the damage is significantly more as the resources are not utilized properly.

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This isn’t even a tricky option. All you need to do is purchase a bag. That’s it.

Most shopping stores are accepting of bringing your own bags so there would be no problem of having to use plastic bags.

It will take you minutes to just refuse a plastic bag and use your own alternative. Well, if you have poor social skills then it can get a bit challenging to do so. But the best option is always to bring your own bag.

What Can You Do Help?

Firstly, stop using plastic bags yourself and prove to be a better example in front of others. Understand the damage and toxicity that these bags carry. Furthermore, keep finding better alternatives. Support businesses that can provide with the best alternatives for plastic. Aware people regarding the causes of plastic bags and build a platform to promote the war against plastic.

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Plastic bags in Pakistan are increasing while Pakistani’s are ignoring the toxic environment right in front of them. We sit in the vicinity of our cars and remain disappointed with the situation our streets are in. However, we have never tried to raise our voice against large corporations and lazy citizens. It is the duty of every single citizen comprising Pakistan to limit the usage of plastic bags for good.

Don’t feel bad if you have heaps of plastic bags available at your house! Learn and try to find better alternatives. Remember that we are humans that learn from ourselves and our surroundings. You can use this as a lesson to become a positive advocate for the future. The future that is struggling with the destruction of global warming, we are the only ones left to protect it.

Comment below if you don’t use plastic bags on the daily or do you know any other alternatives that are even more environmentally friendly than reusable bags?

You are the hope for Pakistan’s future. Hope we can strive for a plastic-less and environmentally friendly Earth!

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