Cleric Issues Fatwa Against Selling Plasma, Says It Is 'Haram' In Islam

Cleric Issues Fatwa Against Selling Plasma, Says It Is As Haram As Pork In Islam

Selling of plasma is Haram

Coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc across the globe. Currently, there is no cure to the lethal virus except for the old technique of passive immunity – the plasma and antibodies. However, in such a grave scenario, certain people are selling their plasma.

The plasma of a recovered patient is a way of treating COVID-19 patients. Islam, the religion of peace, prescribes aiding others in the time of misery. However, certain people are selling their plasma inside and outside Pakistan.

Following this certain Muftis, including Mufti Qasim Attari gave a Fatwa.

According to Mufti Attari, “Selling plasma is haram (forbidden)” and added, “When selling plasma at the price of Rs10 lakh is haram. That Rs10 lakh is as haram as the meat of a swine.”

He continued, “Sharia says selling of body parts is haram similarly selling of plasma in the black market is Haram.” Mufti Attari went on saying that one should donate plasma for free.

Fatwa of Al-Azhar

Al-Azhar, the highest chair of Sunni Islam, said those who have recovered from the lethal COVID-19 virus and are selling blood plasma have nothing to do with the teachings of Islam.

The International Electronic Fatwa Centre of Al-Azhar said, “Selling the blood plasma of a recovered person, taking advantage of the pandemic, is impermissible.”

“The human body, including the flesh and the blood, belongs to God,” it added.

Speaking to the Middle East Eye (MEE), Head Al-Azhar Center Osama Al-Hadidi said, “These people should remember their condition before recovery.” He added, “They should not exploit people’s need for their antibody-rich blood and try to make profits from it.”

This is how people on social media reacting towards the selling of plasma, saying it’s haram.

‘ It is shameful ‘

‘Haram in Sharee’ah to benefit from a sick person’

‘Selling blood is haram in Islam’

‘Somehow, we are preaching what is haram’

‘Selling plasma is not allowed in Islam’

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