Plasma Donation Becomes Filthy Business, Donors Charging Huge Money For 1 Bag

plasma selling pakistan

Coronavirus has holistically grilled Pakistan. The country is witnessing a rapid rise in COVID-19 cases and deaths. As there is no approved cure for the deadly virus, doctors are relying on a hundred-year-old convalescent plasma therapy to heal the patients. However, many reports are claiming that certain people are selling blood plasma in Pakistan.

What is Plasma Therapy?

Primarily, Dr. Tahir Shamsi is the pioneer of Convalescent plasma therapy in Pakistan. In this therapy, a blood plasma of recovered Covid-19 patient is given to a coronavirus patient. This way, the patient develops antibodies against the disease; this is also called passive immunity.

As per the doctor, “We can save precious lives using this technique.”  He said, “Doctors have saved hundreds of lives with the help of this technique in China since February.” He added, “A vaccine works by training the immune system to recognize and combat pathogens – either viruses or bacteria – by creating antibodies in the blood. And when the pathogens enter the body, the antibodies already present in the blood successfully fight it off.”

People selling Convalescent Plasma

Sadly, many in Pakistan are selling blood plasma. As per several social media posts, certain people are selling Convalescent plasma at an expensive price.

In short, some people in Pakistan have reached the level of inhumane barbaric animals. Although Islamic norms drive the country, these people are doing totally opposite. Moreover, Islam prescribes helping others, and saving lives on one person is like saving the whole humanity; however, these people value money more than humanity and Islam.


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