Pakistan’s Precious Himalayan Salt Is Being Sold For Cheap, While India And Israel Are Making Money!

Pakistan is a rich country in terms of natural resources. There is an abundance of coal, gas, minerals, copper, gold, iron and oil. Note that these are just some of the several natural riches of Pakistan, one of which is Himalayan Pink Salt.

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This finite resource is found in Punjab region of Pakistan. It is mined from Khewra Salt Mine. It has a pink tint and is often used as table salt. Not to mention, it has several benefits and in simpler terms is like ‘gold’ for Pakistan.

Although Pakistan, as mentioned earlier, is blessed with the wealth of the natural resources. However, the country has been poor at converting that wealth into profits. Proper strategies, planning, and extraction clearly have not been carried out thoroughly. Pakistan has failed to tap into the reserves and make use of them to benefit the economy. Poor management of natural resources of Pakistan is evident by the lack of progress and revenue.

Is Himalayan Salt Better Than Regular Salt?

True high-quality pink salt is one of the purest salt available in the world and luckily Pakistan is the main distributor. Commercial table salt contains nearly up to 99 percent of sodium chloride but an unrefined Himalayan salt contains only 87 percent of it.

It has great health benefits, some of the important ones are: Helps improving respiratory problems, Balances the body’s pH, Natural Digestive aid, Air purifier and Helps with better sleep. 

Same is the case with the Himalayan Salt that is being sold to India for pennies while they re-sell it and make billions

Pakistan is blessed with salt reserves and instead of realizing it’s importance and demand, it is being sold to countries especially to the enemy nation for a price that is unjustified and too low. While they re-sell it in high-end packaging at better prices making a large number of profits.

Either we are missing the brains on this case or no one actually cared enough about salt exports deeming it not important of a resource. Nonetheless, the general public has taken notice and they are not pleased.

Pakistani Twitter was in an uproar and a movement was started under the hashtag #OurSaltOurAsset

The agenda behind this was to stop the export of precious Pakistani salt to India at rates that clearly exploited the nation while benefited the neighbor.

We can learn some marketing from India at this point. 

The matter needs probing into and identify the main culprits that drowned such good business opportunity into the dirt. 

Veena Malik too didn’t keep quiet. ‘Stop selling pink salt to India for less!’

A serious call to action is made to the current PTI government and hopefully, they will notice the urgency of the matter through this campaign that Pakistanis desperately took part in hopes of stopping such injustice committed by our own. 


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