Two Pak-Army Pilots Embrace Shahadat As Aircraft Crashes Near Gujrat

plane crash gujrat

Tragic news hit early on April 13th, as reports of a Pakistan Army plane crashing near Jallalpur Jattan, Gujrat surfaced. The duo was on a routine training mission in their aircraft, before losing all control.

The two elements of Pakistan’s pride, Major Umer and Lieutenant Faizan, who was a trainee pilot, were in the plane. Major Umer was a resident of Gujrat only, while Lt. Faizan belonged to Kalar Kahar, Chakwal.

Previously, PAF Wing Commander Shaheed Nauman Akram lost his life during a training mission in Islamabad last month. This is the fifth such incident in 2019.

The incident occurred whilst the practice for the upcoming March 23rd parade. Unfortunately, the F-16 got out of control in mid-air and crashed near the Chand Tara area, Islamabad.

Following the crash, reports began to pour in. Later, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) confirmed Nauman Akram’s Shahadat. Unfortunately, Pakistan’s pride couldn’t survive the crash impact and embracing Shahadat. Within minutes, the local police and rescue teams segregated the crash site to lead their investigation.

Without any doubt, it is another day for Pakistan to mourn. Sources reveal that a member of the National Assembly (NA) has started ‘Fatiha’ for the Shaheed commander. From the PAF headquarters, it is known that Cdr Nauman was amongst the best fighter pilots that Pakistan Airforce Academy could produce.

In July 2019, 17 people lost their lives after a military aircraft crashed into a populated area in the suburbs of Rawalpindi. Five army officials and 12 civilians were killed in the crash, the ISPR had said.

In the month of July 2019, 17 people embraced martyrdom when a Pakistan military airplane crash-landed in the suburbs of Rawalpindi. The crash took the lives of 5 military officials, while 12 civilians breathed their last as per ISPR.

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