These Pictures Show how Locals have Ruined the Heritage of Faisal Masjid in Islamabad!

Faisal Masjid is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Pakistan. Located in the capital of the country, people who visit Pakistan make sure they see this prestigious mosque. It is one of the landmarks of the country and of the capital.

However, Pakistanis just don’t care about looking after the heritage of the country. We have often seen videos of locals dumping their waste on Karachi’s beach. The beach has become so dull that the water does not seem blue at all. Similar to this is what has been happening in Faisal Masjid.

Someone Shared Images of how People are Littering the Masjid

And No Body Seems to Care About it!

Such a Disappointment!

Lack of Cleanliness Doesn’t Make it Look like a Masjid’s Environment Anymore

Here’s Another Post which Stated how Locals are Not Respecting the Masjid

The locals are not even taking care of their own property, let alone we blame the foreigners of coming and littering the heritage. Additionally, the authorities are not taking any action in either cleaning the Masjid, or warning the locals to avoid doing such.

And this Picture Shows how the Masjid is More of a Playground for Families Now

Sure, we cannot stop children from roaming around, but our elders are not doing anything to secure the beauty of this property.

Pakistanis, we need to look after what is ours – especially these tourist attractions. We need to be responsible for what we have!

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