Picture of This Syrian Boy Has Gone Viral, But The War Continues

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Omran Daqneesh, a five-year-old Syrian boy. The image of him bloodied and covered with dust sitting silently in an ambulance told us the story of horror that is going on in Syria for the last five years. Thousands of people have lost their lives and their homes and now Omran is one of them.

Once again a child had to go through something terrible to get our attention. Our apathy and lack of protest to force authorities to act on the war in Syria will allow more traumatized and damaged children like this.

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Today our thoughts will be with this child. And tomorrow more bombs will fall, more children will be hurt and we will have forgotten all about our outrage. And this bombardment will continue in this baby’s home town and the world will stay silent. We have failed them.

Humanity has failed Syrian children

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