The Picture Of This Abandoned Baby Thrown On The Street Will End Your Faith In Humanity!

[Disclaimer: New mothers and people with emotional tendencies – Do not scroll any further – GRAPHIC CONTENT]

Casually scrolling through my newsfeed, I come across strange claims by people. From speculating political moves of Donald Trump to sharing blissful memes and jokes. Every single day, you’ll find all sorts and different kinds of news when you open your social media feeds.

However, first thing in the morning, have you ever come across something that will make you shed tears? Something that gives you goosebumps while you just look at the picture and wonder  “Why?” –. If you can pull enough strength, see the picture for yourself.

Yes, this image. This one image alone opened my eyes. This one image made me feel how selfish humanity is. This one image shook me to the magnitude that just cannot be expressed in mere words.

“Is This Real? Is This A Doll?” I questioned myself, hoping that it really was a dummy, a porcelain piece without a soul. But it wasn’t. Reading the comments worsened everything for me because not only me, everyone knew it was an actual child, who lay dead on the sidewalk. Seeing a picture so devastating takes a lot of courage, and that too, unwanted courage.

All of a sudden I was questioning humanity. Why would any parent, after keeping the baby for 9 months in their own body, throw him/her away like this? How did they gather the guts of committing this inhumane act under Allah’s watchful eye? How heartless does one have to be to throw away Allah’s blessing after bringing it to the world?

However, we can only judge from a distance. Nobody knows how this baby got there. Our natural instinct tells us that the child was left behind by the parents, but only Allah knows the reality. Although it is a fact that children are their parents’ responsibility and their negligence surely played a part for the child to end up like this. Heartbreaking to say the least.

Deep down, I hope whoever took this picture took care of the body as well. To all those who came this far after this reading the article, please stand against such acts. We have shelters like Edhi and various others organizations that provide the needed attention, care and shelter to children whose parents are not ready to look after them. Please help in spreading awareness and allowing people to know that there’s always a better option!

Please spare out few seconds and recite Surah Fateha for the baby in the image. Surely, unjust to his/her life took place here.

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