A Domestic Firm Will Develop IFE System For The PIA

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Pakistan Air Line (PIA) has just signed a contract with M/s Aviation Avionics, a native firm, producing customized Inflight Entertainment System.

When successfully executed, it will become one of the biggest achievements of Pakistan in the commercial aviation area. Currently, the sector faces practical dominance of European and American companies in the aviation sector.

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Right now, Pakistan International Airlines is facing the challenge to compete with best carrier companies of the world, such as western and Middle Eastern airlines. The inflight entertainment system will definitely enhance the capabilities of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

PIA is trying to improve its 777 fleets. Nevertheless, recently developed systems also need modern inflight entertainment system. Additionally, the system to improve PIA Boeing 777 along with other planes need billions of rupees; this is an arduous task indeed. PIA is already facing financial crises, it would be challenging but not impossible.

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The Government of Pakistan ordered Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to find domestic cost-effective sources in undertaking this up-gradation. Besides, The approach seems pragmatic because it will encourage the domestic industries to grow skills according to international aviation standards. Unless an air carrier has  FAA, EASA and PCAA certificates it cannot acknowledge internationally.

In addition, relying on indigenous industries is a good strategy for the Pakistani government.  This will not only make Pakistan financially stronger but will boost employment in the country. Besides, defense industries have already shifted to this course and have obtained self-sufficiency to a larger extent.

According to our sources, working in PIA, reported that toil is undertaken to produce a new touchscreen inflight entertainment system.

All Boeing 777 are Operational Now

Pakistan Air Line (PIA), which was working hard to revamp its 777 fleets, has remarkably achieved the milestone. PIA announced this in a tweet on its official Twitter account.

The Tweet of Pakistan Air Line (PIA) is commendable. This exhibits that the government of Imran Khan is leading to the right path.

Employees of Pakistan Air Line (PIA) are confident that after enhancing the inflight entertainment system this capability, the PIA will able to compete with other International Airlines.

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Developing a system from domestic sources will give Pakistan Air Line (PIA) the versatility to transform; modify and troubleshoot the system at a minimal cost. Moreover, the cumulative cost for this plan will be around PKR 700 Million for 8 aircraft which is a portion of the value cited above.

All the past governments tried but failed in ameliorating the Pakistan Air Line (PIA). However, now it seems the current government will able to improve the drastic conditions of Pakistan Air Line (PIA) along with the other sectors as well. Not only PIA but all other sectors related to PIA, such as airports would be embellished in the current government.

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