PIA Just Stole the Show with What Looks Like a Badass Reply to Shama Junejo and Her Ridiculous Comment

Just a few days ago, a renowned media person Shama Junejo tweeted an image of a senior PIA air hostess and passed a bitter remark regarding her facial expression. Her tweet sparked massive controversy on Twitter and it followed a heap of criticism on her.

Shama Junejo witnessed her reputation going down the drain with just one tweet. It’s incredible once you realize how important our actions account for as a renowned public figure. Anyway, she objected on the facial expressions of a PIA air hostess which aimed towards her collective criticism of the national carrier. Not to forget, it was a candid photo taken by some unknown person and Shama tweeted it but what rather centered all criticism on her was her comments.

Here’s what set the social media on fire the other day…

Well, people did expect PIA to take charge and pass a stern response to it. However, the national airline resorted to silence for the record, let people do the talking and let it stretch a little bit. Now the topic is almost obsolete until PIA just threw gasoline on it and it’s ignited once again. PIA just came up with a subtle reply, not directly addressing Shama Junejo or anyone.

PIA just did this… let that sink in!

Spreading smiles in the skies with this face. Proudly serving PIA with professionalism and fearless commitment. #PIACabinCrew #PIASmiles #PakistanIntlAirlines

Gepostet von Pakistan International Airlines am Donnerstag, 6. Juli 2017

After the whole world was done talking about the viral incident, PIA just dropped this bombshell. People are absolutely commending their gesture of taking charge and supporting their crew. Indeed, her smile is worth a thousand words!

Best thing is how they chose to do it subtly, indirectly, not targeting anyone. It couldn’t get any better than this is what I think, to be really honest. It’s badass, simply perfect and we are loving it! Safe to say, our national carrier won the game.


Source: Giphy

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