Hateful Comments On PIA PK-8303 Crash By Indians Show Their Level Of Humanity

karachi plane crash 8303

2020 just keeps on adding to the misery of people in Pakistan. Yesterday, a PIA Airbus 8303 crash-landed into the crowded residential area of Malir Cantt, before it could hit the runways of Jinnah International Airport, Karachi.

While there was an outpour of love and prayers from all quarters of the world, Indians made sure they showcased their hate for Pakistan in a nutshell. Messages of cheering and cherishing the plane crash were seen on social media from across the border.

Almost 90+ people lost their lives in the fatal plane crash in Malir Cantt. Captain Sajjad, who had the charge of the plane, lost control after the landing gear allegedly malfunctioned. Taking a second turn around the city before landing, the plane stalled in air.

So many precious lives lost but Indians could not even spare this tragedy. Taking jabs at Pakistan, this is what many Indians had been saying on different social media platforms.

Furthermore, some of the comments on social media regarding the incident are so negative, that we choose not to publish them in solidarity with the victims.

Source: news18

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However, it is pertinent to add here that not all Indians are of the same opinion. Albeit, the general perception coming out of India is always anti-Pakistan. The credit being away from human life for being Pakistanis and dying in such a tragic disaster is the perfect representation of how much Indians hate Pakistanis.

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