There Was No Looting Of Plane After The Crash In Karachi

PIA plane crash

Soon after the unfortunate incident happened in Karachi where the PIA plane crashed near Karachi Airport, many false information and rumors started floating across the social media. In this period of crisis, it is such a shame to misguide people on a crucial issue.

There were reports on social media that after the plane crash, the residents tried to steal jewelry and other valuables from the victims instead of helping them out. Well, that’s not true and it just portrayed the Pakistanis in a bad light. Some people also claimed that philanthropist Faisal Edhi witnessed the looting and instantly tried to rescue women of the ill-fated aircraft.

But, Edhi denied all such rumors on a TV show and said that he didn’t witness any such happening.

What are we and what we are trying to do? sometimes humanity just seems like a myth.  The fake information and rumors malign Pakistan and Pakistanis. Especially when our rival nation India celebrates our every loss. They did the same this time too..

The name PAKISTAN on the burnt aircraft remained intact

Let us tell you another interesting fact, where the entire PIA aircraft was burnt and destroyed. It also killed almost all the passengers and crew members except for 3 survivors. But, the name PAKISTAN on one of the aircraft parts remained intact. No matter what we as a nation have to stay together and make our country proud instead of maligning the name of the country and the countrymen.


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