This PIA Pilot Is Winning Millions of Hearts after Saving a Flight from a Major Tragedy

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is our national carrier that was once reputable for having one of the best pilots on earth. In fact, about a decade or two ago, the emerging international airlines sought training of their pilots and crew from some of the best local pilots and their staff. Now, PIA is laden with corruption and is truly a shadow of its former self, yet efforts are brought together to revive the name that once Pakistanis proudly boast of.


A story is going popular among people on social media. It’s about a PIA pilot who managed to avoid a major tragedy from occurring during a flight from Karachi. The aircraft was an ATR and there was turbulence during the flight because of a thunderstorm encountered at Sukkur region. A passenger shared the entire incident of pilot’s heroism and God’s mercy.

Here is how the pilot managed to save the flight from a disaster

The following is a Facebook post written by one of the passengers onboard flight PK-536:

Thanks to Allah Almighty, the Greatest Creator, who saved our lives on Monday Flight PK 536 from a thunderstorm at Sukkur region.

After that, hats off to our hero Pilot and his team of PIA. Pilot Amjed Mehboob, Osman Hashim Baloch took a flight out of a thunderstorm and flew back to Karachi safely.

Source: Muhammad Enam Ur Rehman

I am traveling for the last 15 years and whatever you say about PIA, that day we experienced the best professional team in this industry. May Allah bless them.

Source: Muhammad Enam Ur Rehman

(Will) never forget the half-hour of terror. May Allah protect everyone…Once again thanks to ALMIGHTY ALLAH.

This is the greatest example of professional skills. PIA pilots are known to be one of the best pilots and it got proved, seriously. No matter if the national carrier is entangled in credit crunch and corruption, this incident surely stands-out in all positivity. The passengers thanked him and you could see what a humble man he is!

He delivers a great speech, humbly thanking all the people for their encouragement and support and took no credit whatsoever. Hats off!

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