Someone Wrote Their Number On A PIA Plane’s Window And Put Out The Funniest Explanation For It!

Something that has brought great poetic shame to Pakistan and India in front of foreigners who visit their country is the trend of ‘chalking’ on walls, buildings, public spaces, even washrooms. The trend has always been around, let people know how you feel by marking your spot, your thoughts, in the moment.

People keep asking the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to do better for its customers, but the deal is, that most of us don’t deserve the service they have at offering already. Something very funny and out of the ordinary happened on a PIA plane.

A couple of screenshots posted by Ali Moeen Nawazish suggest that somebody had left their number written on the windowpane of a PIA airplane. Something that is not common at all, at least for airplanes as a medium in public transports. You might have seen people write their numbers in public restrooms, backseats of buses or even in rickshaws, but to find the stalemate 8000ft above sea-level is surprisingly funny.

However, the funniest bit is not the number that was written. It is the next screenshot which shows a conversation between the person who pictured this event and the person whose number was written on the windowpane. Here’s how things went down.

I am a plane cleaner of the PIA,” said the sender. “You left your number written on the plane window, this isn’t a school deck or a bus. You will have to come to court for this. And your punishment would be to pay for the service of the plane, 15k (15000).”

As shocked as the person was, he did reply, to his horror and Pakistan’s delight. In his few messages he wrote that it was not him who had written his number on the plane, but a friend of his. Furthermore, the funniest part of the conversation came when the ‘number guy’ suggested that instead of having him pay Rs. 15000 for the plane’s service, they could just take Rs. 1000-1500, get a good surf and wash it away.

This is how the internet reacted to the event

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