PIA Crash Victim’s Wife Requests PM, COAS To Help Her Find Husband’s Body

PIA crash victim

The PIA plane crash that happened last Friday in Karachi left many souls in an undeniable misery. Although it’s been several days now people across Pakistan are still not getting bodies of their loved ones today. Recently the wife of ex-director Pakistan Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), requested Imran Khan and the Army Chief to help her find the body of her husband.

The poor woman in a heart-wrenching video and shared details about her husband Khalid Sherdil, who was a vibrant officer of the government. She shared details of their marriage with tears in her eyes and urged PM Imran Khan and Army Chief to look into the matter. “It has been days since the crash but Sherdil’s body is yet to be recovered.”

“My name is Amna Cheema and I am the wife of Khalid Sherdil; who is still missing in the crash that occurred on Friday 28 Ramadan. I want to tell, Khalid and I had bond and association for the last 16 years.”

Amna Cheema shares her cordial relation with Khalid

“Khalid never remained a traditional husband, Khalid has been a friend for me. When we got married he was doing a PhD in Canada, and I was going to study in the US. He always encouraged me he contributed to all aspects of my life; he gave me my own space so that I could achieve anything.”

“Whatever I am today I can’t thank him enough”, she said with tears in her eyes. “I hope that Khalid comes back; I hope that DNA samples don’t match. Khalid was an unusual person it is difficult for people to understand him and our relationship.”

“He was such a shining and dedicated officer who was workaholic and gave his all to the institution.” She added, “soon after my studies got completed, the flood of 2010 came. He avidly came back to Pakistan and became DG PDMA. In the field of disasters he introduced satellites system. He was posted in Balochistan for 5 years but never hesitated. Many of his colleagues got martyred in Balochistan in 2 bomb blasts. For his nation he went into jeopardy. I also had a lucrative job in UN, new york but Khalid insisted and urged me to come back to Pakistan saying, ‘you are young, it is the time serve the country.'”

“Khalid was a bright officer who never hesitated for his country and was a positive person; he always used to give a vision wherever he goes,” said the grieved wife.

Amna requests PM Imran and COAS

“Mr. Prime Minister, being a government officer Khalid is part of your team. Today Khalid is missing it’s been 5 days, there is a slight mess in Karachi and somebody needs to look into that. Being a victim, I can feel how people are getting impatient, she urged.

“Today, Faisal Edhi also endorsed this that people are taking bodies without identification.” “Who permitted for this?” she asked. Death and Life are in the hands of ALLAH. All of us have to depart, we all will only take our deeds.”

“Allah-willing he might have fallen to some rooftop; he may have been under some wreckage and we get to find him. But who is responsible for all this?” she asked.

PIA crash victim

Source: Youtube

“There must be a person who should be responsible for all this, who must manage all this.”His officers helped him day and night, I can’t thank them enough, I don’t have words,” she said.

“Army chief, your soldiers are not only those who are martyred at borders for saving us. But, every government employee who considers you their Army Chief. We are your force, please help us.”

“Help us in this plight, help Khalid, who has been a shining office he was a future of this country. It is Allah’s will we don’t know where he is. Whether he is alive or not with us, the crisis needs to be managed.”

“My earnest request: Kahlid has served this county diligently; recently in the coronavirus pandemic he worked day and night without caring for his life. I request to look into how to overcome disasters, it is no time to criticize anyone. There must be a proper inquiry; and please provide dead bodies to proper relatives. I have this earnest request, thank you.”

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