PIA Under Fire For Selling Expensive Tickets, Not Practising Social Distancing

PIA not following coronavirus SOPs

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) passengers have been protesting against the national carrier after the rules of social distancing were not followed during the flights. They also claimed that PIA charged each passenger fare for two seats instead of one. PIA, however, made passengers sit next to each other instead of leaving a one-seat gap.

The video has been going viral where frustrated passengers traveling to Toronto are seen lashing out at PIA staff for not following social distancing. Some also threatened them with legal action.

The PIA spokesperson, on the other hand, claimed that all safety measures were taken and the planes were disinfected. Passengers were also provided masks and gloves. “The tickets were overpriced because the flight had to come back from Canada empty,” he added.

The Civil Aviation Authority has issued strict SOPs to the airline that needs to be implemented during all its special flights. The precautionary measures were issued to contain the coronavirus spread. Being a national airline, PIA should have taken care of all the SOPs given to them.

Moreover, they are charging extra fare from their passengers though a few days back they said that they are slashing airfares for their passengers.

The crisis for airlines has deepened as more and more airlines ground its fleet. Experts are fearing the industry may not survive coronavirus pandemic.  Several airlines can potentially go bankrupt soon and PIA can also be one of them.  A PIA spokesperson has stated in an interview that the airline’s debt and losses have become nearly impossible for the organization to handle alone.

PIA bringing stranded Pakistanis home

PIA has planned a special mission to bring trapped Pakistani citizens abroad due to coronavirus pandemic.

The PIA will operate 103 flights in the next 15 days to evacuate Pakistanis from other countries. The PIA will complete its special mission till May 9. It will operate its flights for United Kingdom (UK), United Arab Emirates (UAE), France, Germany, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman (Masqat), Malaysia and Norway (Oslo) .

However, if the national carrier conducts this type of mismanagement and ignorance, it might increase the risk of coronavirus spread in the country.

Mistreating overseas Pakistanis

Moreover, a few days back some overseas Pakistan return back home. On their return, many of them complained about mistreatment by the government. Videos went viral in which many Pakistanis traveling from abroad could be seen moved to bad quarantine centers.

People behind the camera highlighted the unhygienic condition of a quarantine facility provided to them. No proper sanitation, cleanliness, and hygiene could be seen in the video. Several Pakistanis were also seen mistreated by the authorities.

Where Prime Minister Imran Khan has been urging overseas Pakistanis to help the country during this crisis, such behavior from the government and their institutions is setting a wrong example for many.


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