This Man Slams Sindh Govt For Torturing The Families Of PIA Crash Victims

This Man Slams Sindh Govt For Torturing The Families Of PIA Crash Victims

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Pakistan is the country where seeking justice is not easy. The recent PIA air crash in Karachi left many souls in deep pain and mourning. People who lost their loved ones in the crash are still waiting for the bodies of their relatives.

Recently, Arif Iqbal Faruqui, |who lost his wife and children in the brutal plane crash started making videos and posting tweets, appealing to the government to help them find the bodies of their loved ones. After finding the bodies of his wife and his daughter, this courageous father, remained restless to find his other two children.

The bereaved father also appealed PM Imran Khan to look into the matter, but in vain. However, nothing happened and he had to work himself to get the DNA results of his children.

“If there are any family members who are still awaiting DNA results and being told that it’ll take 21 days… don’t believe it. Reach out to me or to Dr. Ashraf Tahir DG Punjab – Forensic Science Agency or Mr. Nasir Siddique, Head of DNA and Serology. They got the DNA test done in 6 hours,” said Faruqui in the video.

DG Punjab forensic helped him

As per the guy, the government is giving 21 days for the DNA results. He asked people to give him the DNA sample so that he could bring samples earlier than the prescribed times.

Faruqui bashed the Sindh government and praised Punjab. He found his wife and a daughter with the help of their jewelry. However, he toiled hard to find the other small daughter and son. Nevertheless, with the help of DNA, he got the bodies of his loved ones now.

Earlier the guy tweeted and appealed to the government.

He identified his wife and daughter with jewelry

It is quite sad to people begging and requesting the government for finding their loved ones, as it is the duty of the government. Hopefully, all other victims will find their relatives as Arif Iqbal Faruqui.

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