Photographer Gives 60-Year-Old Laborer A Makeover & Turns Him Into A Viral Model

Photographer Gives 60-Year-Old Laborer A Makeover & Turns Him Into A Viral Model

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A 60-year-old daily wage laborer model from India is making waves online with his swish viral makeover. Mammikka, who hails from Kerala’s Kozhikode district, had a makeover of his life after he was picked to pose for a photoshoot for a local brand.

As the laborer switched his old lungi for a crisp suit, the wage worker also got a complete makeover at a salon and became a viral model. He received a nice beard trim and a sleek haircut.

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The 60-year-old owes his newfound fame to photographer Shareek Vayalil. According to local media outlets, Shareek had taken a photo of Mammikka and posted it on his Facebook page earlier. The photo went viral for the laborer’s resemblance to actor Vinayakan, a Malayalam actor.

Soon afterward, Shareek asked Mammikka to model for a wedding suit company he owned. Before the photoshoot, the 60-year-old underwent a makeover which was captured in a video that has been watched by thousands of people on Instagram.

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The photographer says that he could think of no one better to model for his company than the laborer. For the planned shoot, the 60-year-old wage worker went through a complete makeover which was also captured and turned into a short video story that you can watch above.

Pictures from the photoshoot have gone viral online, with thousands of people complimenting the newly-minted model. In the pictures from the photoshoot, Mammikka poses with an iPad dressed in a brown blazer and trousers.

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Thanks to social media, the overlooked sections of society are being recognized and acclaimed. With a cell phone and access to the internet, a person can display their talent from anywhere around the globe. Among many such stories, this is only one example.

Down the memory lane, we saw a similar story of a chai wala from Islamabad who made waves in the country a few years ago. One fateful day in 2016, the 17-year-old Arshad Khan started off his regular day.

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That day was, however, different because of an aspiring photographer who caught his blue-eyed gaze on camera while he was just about to wrap up. She then posted the picture on Instagram a month later with the caption ‘Hot tea’, and the picture soon went viral.  

Upon becoming popular, the chai wala became a model for a short time and posed for photoshoots as well as opened up his own chai cafe afterward.

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