9 Things That Are Actually ‘Phateechar’ Than International Players Who Played In PSL Final

Imran Khan – setting trends since the day he took a step into Pakistan’s politics. If you have been paying attention then you must know what is meant by “Phateechar” lately. It is another triumphing trend in 2017 that has heeded our attention by storm.

It all came about when PTI Chairman, Imran Khan, expressed his opposition against the Pakistan Super League’s second edition’s final taking place in Lahore. He addressed security concerns before hand and did not support the idea. That was okay, he is entitled to his opinion but we are rather glad that the PSL-2 final was taken place in Lahore successfully without a hassle.

Source: GEO.tv

In the aftermath of it. PTI Chairman, Imran Khan was again seen articulating strong words. This time, it was the same final in Lahore and the international players taking part in it, featured in their respective teams. Imran Khan lashed out, passed comments and the infamous “Phateechar” was born after Imran Khan said the remark for international players.

Since then, it has taken the Internet by storm. Everyone’s talking about it. We are here talking about it as well but in a different way.

We are here to tell you what is rather #Phateechar than those international players who played the Lahore-finale. So, let’s get started…

1. First and foremost, this of course…

Source: GQ

Oh, the shame… this is what Phateechar looked like before Imran Khan made it cool.

2. Trying to look at Hamza Ali Abbassi the same way after this:

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3. Pineapple Pizza topping

Source: MemeCenter

Kindly, stay aboard the anti-pineapple pizza train because we have got a revolution to bring in this world.

4. Arsenal against Bayern Munich

Source: Newsday

With love, from Munich to North London…

5. Your iPhone’s battery

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Seriously, iPhone, get your sh*t together. Not having it anymore!

6. Our hopes of trying to save our semester this year

Source: Goodreads

…and there go my grades down the drain.

7. Nasir Khanjan’s version of Closer by The Chainsmokers

Source: Know Your Meme

Kill it before it lays eggs.

8. Sharif family’s image after Panama case

Source: LUBP


9. Hopes of Tabdeeli

Source: Pakistan Today


Seriously, guys, it was that simple. It is really not hard to tell the difference. The international players did well in the final and talk about how much we adore Darren Sammmmmy!

Would you like to add more to the list?

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