Phaphy Kutni New York Times

There are many evidences that confirm that NYT is actually a phaphy kutni .

1. Spreading Rumors

NYT spreads rumors instead of real news .


2. Sniffing News

New York Times is always there to exploit any Riot in Pakistan .

3. Meddling into others affairs

It always meddle into others affairs as it has no life of its own .


4. Her own house is a mess

New York , a place of sluts , crime , night clubs and Aids . ………..


5. Whole Group

BBC , The Guardian , CNN , Fox news , she has many friends .


6. Inner Stories

She has inner stories about many fights . Especially husbands and wives bedroom secrets .


7. Noble cause

A phaphy kutni would choose milads and use religion  likewise NYT will choose Human Rights as a weapon





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