PGC Robotics Exhibition 2022 – Bringing Together Future Generations Of Innovators

Since its inception, Punjab Colleges (PGC) has been making a mark on the public as a quality education and skill development stronghold. PGC holds pride in introducing its students to modern education to cater to the complex challenges of the 21st-century marketplace.

Continuing and building upon its legacy of excellence, PGC took the initiative of bringing future innovators together on one platform by organizing its first inter-city robotics exhibition – PGC Robotics Exhibition 2022, on August 18.

Source: PGC

The event was held in Lahore, and students from 18 campuses from different cities participated as teams.  

Robotics Exhibition 2022 allowed participants to compete in three subcategories: mystery box, remote control car competition, and car wrestling as Sumo Wrestling. The list of winners is as follows:

Exhibition Winners

1. Islamabad Campus

2. City Campus Lahore

3. Gujranwala Campus

4. Okara Campus

RC Car Competition Winners

1. Shalamar Campus Lahore

2. Okara Campus

3. Peshawar Campus

4. Township Campus Lahore

Sumo Wrestling Competition Winners

1. Muslim town campus Lahore

2. Township Campus Lahore

3. Gujrat Campus

4. Johar town Campus Lahore

Mystery Box Winners

1. Faisalabad Campus

2. Muslim Town Campus Lahore

3. Gujrat Campus

4. Multan Campus

Alongside the exhibition, the PGC administration also provided students a platform to highlight their innovation, creativity, and robot making and handling skills.

After the competition, teachers and mentors interviewed participants about what they had learned, the potential impact of their project, how they collaborated as a team, and what they planned to do differently in future competitions.

Source: PGC

PGC Robotics Exhibition 2022 also opened college students to opportunities they would not otherwise have. The event offered college students a chance to gain hands-on experience with software, electrical, mechanical, and electrical systems.

Source: PGC

The skills they gain will give them even more opportunities not only in higher education but in the workforce, too. In addition, the students displayed valor and spirit through massive participation, teamwork, and innovative ideas in the designing, developing, and execution of robotics with the help of their mentors and team members. 

Source: PGC

Mr. Mohammad Farhan and Sitara Arif– the head of the research and development wing of Pakistan’s Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission and vice-chairman of Pakistan-Japan Development Forum, respectively – graced the event as guests of honors and distributed prizes among the winners.

The story of creativity and innovation displayed in the exhibition outshines the fact that students were amateurs.

AI & Robotics competitions cater to the needs of curious minds; therefore, conducting such events ignites passion among young innovators and helps them see where the world is heading and where they would like to be. PGC Robotics Exhibition 2022 is a start to bringing together and inspiring the next generations of change makers.

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