Boom! Another Gift From The Govt As Petrol Prices Increase By Rs 5.15 Per Litre And Ab Thora Zyada Horaha!

The economic struggles of Pakistan in recent times is not a hidden story. The Pakistani awaam is currently in sheer worrisome as the inflation has taken over the basic income of an average citizen. Pakistanis were hopeful for a positive change after Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) came into power but it looks like things are getting out of the government’s reach.

Under the current worsening situation of Pakistan and its financial decline, the government had previously hiked the prices of petrol by Rs. 4.26 in June. Another increase in petrol prices was expected in July but the PTI government decided not to drop the expensive bomb on the nation and there was no hike in petroleum products.

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The chaotic increase in petrol prices!

Earlier this week, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) sent a summary to the federal government after the prices in crude oil increased in the global market. Considering OGRA’s summary, the federal government on Wednesday announced a 10 per cent hike in petroleum prices. The new price of petrol is Rs.117.83 per litre which was Rs.112.68 before which counts as a 5 per cent increase. The effective implementation has been started from today, 1st of August, 2019.

Prices in other petroleum products have also increased, high-speed diesel jumped Rs.5.65 up from the current rate, Rs.5.38 increase in kerosene oil and a massive Rs.8.90 hike in light diesel price. This is the second time in the current year that rates of petrol and other related products are increased and Pakistanis are not happy.

Disappointed nation!

Seeing the financial stability declining with each passing day and the expense burden getting bigger, most Pakistanis are now in utter dismay of the Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decisions. As the basic necessities are getting out of reach, the awaam has started challenging Khan’s promises which he made previously. Social media is full of rants and hilarious tweets on the government as the petrol price news broke in.

Pakistan and struggle; a better love story than corruption!

Being a PTI supporter is hard!

Sane minds do understand!

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Pakistan will rise again!

Maybe? Maybe!

Akhir kab tak?

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