A Special Court Has Rejected Pervez Musharraf’s Plea For High Treason And The Ex-President Might Be Next!

Pervez Musharraf was to appear before the special court for high treason case which was adjourned till June 12th. However, he was warned that his repeated absence and inability to attend court hearing will backfire and so it did.

The special court on Wednesday rejected former president’s plea for adjournment of his hearing. 

The three-judge bench lead by Justice Tahira Safdar canceled Musharraf’s right to defend himself due to his repeated non-appearance before the court.

Musharraf’s counsel Salman Safdar said that he was fighting for his life and was rapidly losing weight. Also adding to this, Salman Safdar mentioned how he was unable to walk relying on a wheelchair.


Musharraf’s lawyer requests the court for one more chance to be given to the former president of Pakistan. 

Safdar asked the court to give his client another chance to appear before the court and stated that due to heart chemotherapy, Musharaff’s health has deteriorated considerably.

The Supreme court has given a verdict to which Mushraff’s lawyer says that he was very well aware of this and has requested the court to consider the plea on the basis of compassion.

The trial was small and could have been completed during Musharraf’s three to four years stay in Pakistan but it didn’t, argued Barrister Safdar. 

While speaking to the media, Salman Safdar clarified that every sort of evidence including photos and medical reports have been submitted to support the claim. He said his health issues are not an excuse but in fact, the plea is genuine considering he is really unwell and wheelchair bound.

He also added that Musharraf stayed in Pakistan for more than three years and considering the trial was small it was not completed then. Hence, they have submitted another plea today.

According to Safdar, the federal government will make a panel of lawyers after which the court will decide about the representatives of Musharraf. He stated that he is willing to completely assist the lawyers to the best of his abilities.

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