Periods – It’s The 21st Century Yet It Continues To Be A Taboo Topic, Why?

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Why is talking about periods such a taboo topic? Why do we live in a society where men and even some women do not understand what girls go through?

Guys, chill. It’s not something women can control. It’s absolutely disgusting reading articles on marital rapes. Why did it happen? How can a husband rape his own wife? Because duh, she refused sex because she was on her period. Yes, this happens. Happens in this very society we live in. More than that, reported marital rapes are not even taken seriously.

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Then having people come and tell you that you should’ve fixed your wedding dates according to your period dates. How do they not know that our dates aren’t fixed? It doesn’t always go how we want it to!

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Education and knowledge are the most important ingredients in young people’s lives, vital for their personal development and the future of the country. Why do we not see this happening in Pakistan? Why are we educated yet so uneducated? Absolutely disgusting.

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Then comes the month of Ramadan where we merely need five days off because duh, we can’t fast while being on our period. But then these stupid aunties and uncles come with ‘Omg beta apne aj roza kyun nahi rakha?’ ‘Apne namaz nahi parhni?’ ‘Ajao mere saath parh lou.’ I mean, why would you ask a girl such questions? Why? No, I know you love to embarrass us but stop. Please. It’s enough.


On the other hand, asking for pads is such a big issue, no? Because you say the word, and everyone will start staring at you. You are afraid to ask for a basic need. You whisper. You make sure no one else hears it besides the person you’re talking to. And then, hiding it and making your way through the crowd of absolutely disgusting people. Especially when you’re in a co-ed school. Nonetheless any other place of illiterate people.

Why can’t we all cooperate and not make women feel like that this is something they should be ashamed of? Because they surely didn’t have a choice.
Enough said.

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