This Performance by Leo Twins and Momina Mustehsan During PIA Flight is Absolutely Mesmerizing!

This Performance by Leo Twins and Momina Mustehsan During PIA Flight is Absolutely Mesmerizing!

Pakistanis are in full swing of celebration while rejoicing another year of independence. Everyone is celebrating in their own way – streets are filled with locals riding around, singing their favorite patriotic anthem will dressed in green and white. Pakistanis are electrified on the eve of independence and it spreads like a happy disease.

In the middle of all of this, something amazing happened. In our local airlines, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), the authority wanted to make sure that they celebrate this year’s independence day by doing something unique.

Pakistani duo of violinist and guitarist, the Leo Twins alongside Coke Studio sensation Momina Mustehsan celebrated the independence day by giving a surprise performance to PIA passengers who were on board for a flight.

The Leo Twins Performed “Ye Watan Tumhara Hai” Beautifully for the Passengers!

Haroon and Sharon of the Leo Twins gave breathtaking performances in Nescafe Basement Season 3 and 4. What makes their PIA performance even more special is how these two brothers belong to the minority sector of the country and are spreading love through their music. The collaboration was extremely beautiful and these two men deserve a lot more attention, given how talented they are.

Their Performance Featured Momina Mustehsan on the Vocals!

Here’s Momina Singing Dil Dil Pakistani on the Leo Twins’ Tunes

Momina Also Made an Announcement as the Air-Hostess of the Airlines


The In-Flight Jamming was a Surprise for PK-308 Passengers Who Loved the Performance!

It is indeed beautiful to see how the local airlines alongside the passengers are celebrating the special day with beautiful performances. Everyone has their own way of celebrating the independence day – but PIA chose the coolest way to greet their passengers with a new year.

Love live Pakistan!


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