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Perfection is one of the traits people try to find in others, but end up disappointing their own self. People need to accept that everybody is not perfect some are good at their own work, but if you would compare an engineer with a doctor then you are indeed on a wrong path, Doctors deal with humans and engineers deal with machines mostly. So there remains no question of arguing that Doctor don’t poses the qualities of engineer and vice versa. If person is good at something that does not mean he would be able to give his 100 percent. However, he will try and if he gets 80% success people won’t see this, but rather will comment more on remaining 20% that he failed to achieve his goals. This is wrong he had given his hundred percent and you guys are not appreciating him that he achieved 80% of his goal.

This negativity have destroyed everyone. So, please change your mind someone could be in desperate need of your support. Don’t yell at him for not being perfect, every human isn’t perfect at all. This stereotypical belief of people has destroyed the lives of many people, because they were taunt for not being in their field. Everyone has got different things to achieve

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