Another Potential Superstar Launched By Pepsi

Another Potential Superstar Launched By Pepsi

Pepsi Rap Demon

Pepsi launches emerging rap talent ‘Rap Demon’.

Pepsi has done it again; they’ve dropped another song that echoes with motivation and faith in oneself. The vocals on this song were by Rap Demon, an upcoming rap artist that has blown everyone away, but who is he?

Check out the Rap Demon now.

Pepsi has taken a new star from the rap scene named, Rap Demon and pushed him into the spotlight. He performed the second song of the ’Why Not Meri Jaan’ movement and boy did he rock the video.

Abdullah Malik aka Rap Demon who hails from the capital city Islamabad was in the rap scene for quite some time. He was producing, creating, and writing his own music as well as promoting it himself too. He has a YouTube channel and an Instagram page where his work is shown.

He has a decent amount of following on both pages but he somehow managed to slip away from the public eye and still remains a stranger for many, but all that has changed since Pepsi entered the conversation.

With this new song with Pepsi, and a world-class performance from the talented rap artist, Rap Demon has risen and hits a new level, a level he never imagined. The song itself is groovy and has very incisive and creative lyrics that come naturally to the 25-year-old rapper.

Things certainly look bright for Rap Demon’s future. We can expect more lyrically astute work from him in the near future. He certainly has what it takes to make a name for him in the industry. Can Rap Demon become the new Local Rap King?

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