People These Days Don’t Study For Knowledge. They Do It Because They’re “Supposed To”

“There’s a great difference between studying for the sake of study or for the sake of something else.”
Why do parents send their kids to school, then to college and university? Parents spend all their savings and income on it, why? Everyone’s answer will be; for education.

But don’t you think this statement is rather hypocritical? Everyone has a reason to impart education to their off-spring. Now let’s talk about the reasons separately for the two genders because they seem to have their own very different reasons.

Ladies first: the major motive behind women education in our society is a better proposal (rishta).

I apologize if I am offending some of you, but it is really hard to find a girl in a university who’s there for knowledge. We all are well aware of the importance of an institution, the experience you gain from interacting with teachers and fellow students. Sadly most of them don’t even go to the university and line up a long list of degrees studying from home. And her parents are like, larki masters hay. The ones, who see the face of the university, go out with degrees and end up in front of the stove. And all the knowledge they gained, instead of putting it to good use, goes to waste. By this, I really don’t mean to say that the work women do at home is of less importance or degrading. And, I don’t want women to be after my life upon reading this.

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Even boys are the same; there are millions who hold a wide range of degrees that they got without going to a college or university even once. And after this, they expect a lot from the stagnant job market as they have a bag full of degrees and no technical knowledge or I may say no real knowledge. It’s very easy- you can do this by simply visiting a book shop where you will find solved past papers, you cram them and you get through. I know a guy who has 7 Masters, all in different subjects; jack of all master of none. Again, no offense.



Talking about boys, the ones who go to the university and the ones who don’t; almost all of them do all this for one thing, which is a nice career. What they know is that if you don’t have degree or degrees, you won’t have a chance at getting a nice job and no job means no chance you get the bride of your choice or someone else’s choice. But it doesn’t mean that there is no need to earn money- there is, and surely is.

Summing up, education is sacred and sacred enough to get for no other reason than education or knowledge itself. If we succeed in changing this mindset then we will be able to produce creative and innovative minds. Otherwise the education system will keep on producing irrational individuals who consider themselves eligible to steer the nation to success. But, trust me our future is in the wrong hands.

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