People Showed Shoes To PPP’s Senior Member Khursheed Shah In Sukkur And Pakistanis Ko Aqal Arahi Hai!

Being a politician isn’t easy that too when you have decided to rob the country in every possible way. Unluckily, the majority of Pakistan’s political alliances think of their own benefits instead of the nation or the country’s when they come into power. The corruption level in the country is so high that if someone even tries to do better for the country, the opposing parties create hurdles in the way to limit progression.

Pakistanis have a really big heart when it comes to taking punishing someone on their own terms but when they do, there’s nothing light. Pakistani politicians have been on awaam’s target several times. A few years back, a man threw his shoe on Former PM of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif during an official presser. Another incident took place when Senior member of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) Khwaja Asif was in a conference and a man threw ink on him. Later the man was arrested.

Well, don’t lose hope, another similar incident happened recently in Sukkur. Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP)’s leader Khursheed Shah was on a Sukkur trip when a crowd of people stopped his car. As Shah came out of his vehicle, people showed their shoes on him as a protest and chants were made against his party. PPP leader’s company somehow managed to calm the crowd down and tried to talk them through.

Here’s the video in which Khursheed Shah was caught in the crowd showing him shoes!

‏سکھر کی عوام نے سابق قائد حزبِ اختلاف خورشید شاہ کی گاڑی کا راستہ روک لیا.عوام نے گاڑی روک کر خورشید شاہ کو جوتے دکھائے اور سندھ حکومت کے خلاف شدید نعرے بازی کی.#Fixit

Gepostet von Fixit am Freitag, 12. Juli 2019

The video has gone viral on social media and Pakistanis can’t stop praising the men who surrounded the PPP senior member. Majority of the comments made on the video showed hatred against PPP and its leaders. The current worsened condition of Pakistan’s Sindh area is because of PPP’s lack of interest and the corruption going on within.

As everybody knows Khursheed Shah used to check electricity meters before joining politics!

Ye bhai to jazbaati ho gye!

Bilkul. Ab awaam jaag gyi hai!

Aayi aayi tabdeeli aayi!

Isi qabil hain ye log!

It is heartbreaking that the leaders who can play a good role in a country’s progress, fill their pockets after coming into power. Let’s just hope that the current government works for the country without thinking of its own benefit.

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