People Are Sharing Their Unusual Robbery Stories and We Are Not Sure How To React

Ever heard a story about some person getting mugged in a shop or some busy place? We all have heard about those types of stories, especially those where the thief takes out a pistol and robs someone at gunpoint. Such a crime is so common in Pakistan that people do not even report it. CCTV footages are provided to the police but the criminals rarely get caught and the stolen items are rarely brought back. However, have you ever heard the stories where the thief actually brought back the items just because they did not feel like robbing? Well, we just came across a whole bunch of these stories and here they are:

The Guy’s Cousin Got Robbed, A Few Minutes Later…


This All Happened Because…

And Later we find out that the robbers only took Rs. 400 from the cousin’s wallet.

Everyone Knows An Angry Wife Is Worse Than A Nuclear Fallout, Even The Robbers


“Nahi Ab Tou Koi Shikayat Hi Nahi Hai…”


Good Guy Robbers Taking Privacy Quite Seriously


When Someone Wants To Become An Uber Driver So He Forces It On You…


Good Guy Robbers Taking Personal Gifts Seriously


Moral: We All Need To Buy Nokia 3310 Now


“Array Bhaiya Chowk Tak Drop Kar Do, Bike Tou Ap Hi Ki Hai Wese Bhi”


What Goes Around, Comes Around – Karma


If something similar happened to you or someone you knew, let us know in the comments below!

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