Snapchat Introduced a Snap Map feature and People are Reacting Hilariously

Snapchat has come up with another update called “Snap Map“, and it literally shows where you are. You can’t even lie about your location anymore. This update shows your exact location if you have it on and shared with your friends, but it can be hidden by in the ghost mode so you don’t have to overreact and worry about your privacy. But this just made stalking your friends or crushes easier, you can catch your friends partying without you and feel miserable about your life. And show people that you’re always home doing nothing having no party at all.

People reacted interestingly to it, some found it cool while others, creepy. Here are some hilarious tweets regarding the new update.

He got caught.

Man, what are you doing at McDonald’s during Roza?

You just can’t lie.

Just get the man some nuggets and stop lying.

Batman is watching.

When you got Batman looking after you, you need not to worry about anything at all.

Now this is a problem.

We all have done this and Snapchat is just making it harder for us to lie. How are we going to lie to our friends that we are on our way while being in bed?

The guy is drowning!

So basically it gives you chance to save your friends who are drowning. Thanks Snapchat.

Bumping into your crush just made easier.

If you look at it this way, this is very very helpful and creepy at the same time. But it’s okay, things we do for love.

It reminds the Potterheads of the Marauder’s Map.

It shows everyone, literally everyone. Just like the Marauder’s Map in Harry Potter. You can even see them travelling.

So the new Snapchat update is considered very cool by most of the users while some are just concerned about their privacy and rightly so. Before labeling this update as creepy, just turned the ghost mode on and hide your location. Happy stalking.

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