People of Twitter Explain What It’s Like Growing Up A Pakistani!

So people of Twitter come up with amazing trends every now and then and now they decided to tell the world how it is like growing up a Pakistani. Be it hitting the remote on the table till it works rather than buying new battery for it or finding salan in ice cream tubs, the trend #GrowingUpPakistani had it all covered. Some of them are so true that you can relate to them even in the next life.


1. We don’t have a family tree. 

We don’t have a family tree because we have a family forest. A forest thicker than the Amazon Rainforest.

2. If you can’t relate to this you’re not a Pakistani. 

And not only this, you’ll get scolded for opening up a 1.5-liter coke bottle because it was for the guests.

3. Our parents were masterminds.

Yes we all did that.

4. Ouch..

Every Pakistani already nose this though.

5. Badaams

And eating gaajar makes your eyesight sharp.

6. It will remain there for one who year.

Not only a remote, but cars or anything you buy. In fact you get scolded by parents if you remove it.

7. Can relate.

8. What is the national blanket of Pakistan?


We are never on time.

10. This cannot be truer. 

11. Honey Singh who?

12. Oil is important. 

USA will soon invade our plates.

13. Desi ways, man.

14. Every single time.

15. Ayat ul Kursi can bring world peace. 

16. Oh my god…

And those were the only beats we deserved too.

17. MOM!


Emo moms.

19. Thanks, mom. 

Every single time.

20. Is every Pakistani mom like this?

21. Sorry dad. The joke’s on you. 

Why did our dads never realize this ever? Or did they?


So this is how it was growing up a Pakistani as hilariously explained by the Pakistani twitterati in the truest way!

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