People Really Need to STOP Shaming this Girl for Trying to Speak in English

We, the Pakistanis, we feel pride in things that do not define us. Years ago the Britishers ruled over us by making us their slaves. Years later the Englishmen continue making us their slaves, but this time, it is really our fault because we don’t wish to come out of such a mindset.

A few months ago, Pakistani cricket team captain Sarfraz Ahmed was mocked internationally for not communicating in English.

A few months before this, the incident of a young girl student from Lahore saying “We are proud of you” out of context to a news reporter made waves because of how people mocked her.

Us Pakistanis, We Never Feel Pride in Conquering our Own National Language Urdu, but we Feel Pride in Speaking Correct English as If it is Our Own

The social stigma attached with the limited Pakistani population that had the privilege of attending English Medium schools in Pakistan continues taking pride in the language which isn’t even ours. This time, they make another girl a victim.

So this young girl, while describing her experience of visiting the zoo uses the word “gaindas” instead of Hippopotamus. By the looks of it, she seems like a school-going girl, learning her way to understand and speak the English language. Most of all, she is seen speaking with such confidence that even the mistake she made appears to be normal.

How many of us would have this sort of confidence when speaking in front of the camera and in front of so many people?

Here’s the Link to the Video:

Sane Pakistanis Corrected all Those Who Mocked this Little Girl

Facebook page: People of Pakistan

When this same girl grows up, people will bully her over this honest, sweet mistake she made. Please remember, there is no pride when it comes to speaking fluent English and not being able to understand your mother language, Urdu.

Hope we start learning from our mistakes and make the lives of others easier.

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