Doctors Afraid Of COVID-19 Phase 2 As Pakistanis Storm Markets For Shopping

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The lethal coronavirus that started in November from the province of Wuhan, china wreaked havoc across the globe. Soon after the pandemic started, the World Health Organisation advised certain precautionary measures; social distancing is one of the measures to tackle the virus. However, Pakistanis have unturned every precaution; soon after the lockdown eased the denizens of the country voraciously started indulging in shopping.

In a nutshell, certain Pakistanis are challenging the deadly coronavirus and showing their foolish valiancy in front of an unknown enemy, COVID-19.

Here’s how people across Pakistan shopping and challenging the virus. Videos and pictures have been shared by multiple people across social media.

Shadra Lahore

Emporium Mall Lahore

Raja Bazar Rawalpindi

Peshawar Saddar Bazar

Karachi Sunday Bazar

National Bank of Pakistan Shakargarh

The queue outside NBP Quetta

Nadra office Lahore

Nadra Office Islamabad

Ehsaas cash distribution

 Ehsaas Cash Korangi, Karachi

Shopping queues at various brands

In a nutshell, the government has eased the lockdown but with certain precautionary measures. Nevertheless, the above-mentioned videos and pictures from several public social media accounts are depicting Pakistanis are not taking the virus seriously; hence, the denizens of the land of pure are seriously challenging the lethal virus.

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