Here Are 5 Stages of Love Each One Of Us Goes Through In Life At Least Once

Disclaimer: Most of the couples do not get past the 3rd stage.

Love letters, coffee dates and drive-in movies – the essence of love that created sparks in long-lasting relationships is no longer found in the generation that possess lack of commitment, patience and failure to understand the importance of love with one person.

To understand how this works, following are the 5 stages of love you need to keep in mind:

Stage 1: Falling Head Over Heels in Love

That tingling feeling in your stomach, everything seems so colorful and suddenly, life has a meaning. Yep, that is love. Using all your mobile packages for talking to each other, feeling that “yes, he/she is the one for me”, they make you feel like you are the most beautiful person in the world. It all seems perfect.

Stage 2: Tagging Each Other As a “Couple”

After being friends for some time and giving hints to each other, one proposes another and you finally start dating each other. It is that point when you start thinking about spending your lives with each other and believe this relationship IS the one for us.

Stage 3: Honeymoon Phase Is Over, Questioning If They Are “The One” For You

The stage where people give up and end everything.

As time passes, your relationship may become dull and boring. The romance may disappear, you know a lot too much about your “better half” and you just, sometimes, may lose interest.

Their habits may become annoying now, their company might bore you – all of which that leads to thinking, “Is this what I wanted?” With fights getting frequent, people end up breaking up rather than “Let’s work this out”

Stage 4: Working Things Out and Creating Something Meaningful

If you have come this far, congratulations!

Now is the time you put a little more effort to understand your relationship, your partner and ending fights without playing the “blame-game”. Start respecting one another and focus on making things understandable for one another.

It is always nice to get to the core of the situation – troubles from one another, a problematic childhood or anything.

Stage 5: Becoming a Team

Be there for each other, save each other’s back and start making your wishes come true. Make to-do lists together, help each other overcome fears and enjoy what you have. Love is very meaningful – make sure you witness it.

The points sourced in this article are from the research of Jed Diamond, a psychologist who worked on this topic for 40 years.


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