9 Types Of People I Saw On My First Visit To The Mahmud Hussain Library Of Karachi University

It was my second day at Karachi University when Sir Zubair, the Urdu compulsory teacher, told us about the course outline in which top of the list was “Krishan Chandar Ki Afsana Nigari Pe Tabsara-nigari”. He suggested consulting with the main library for the required stuff. So on the third day, I was at the Dr. Mahmud Hussain Library around 8:30 a.m. Because of my first visit there, I felt like I was welcomed with an open heart!


After submitting the admission slip and other documents along with Rs. 10, the librarian issued me my library card. I had decided before that because of having “no library etiquettes”, I would just observe how things happened around. From there on, the adventure started. Here are the types of people I saw there.

1. Catalog Kahani Ko Samajhne Wale


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How to find a book out of 350,000 books? Go to the catalog section. How to deal with this catalog? Go to hell.

There are just drawers with hundreds of card catalogs on which the author’s name along with his book and year of publication has been written in an awful manner. The poor students were spending hours, trying to know how to use it, and the ones who were aware of it were walking in the corridors like Badshah Salamat!

2. The Real Book Worms


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Only these people know the real purpose of the library. They keep reading till their van or point arrives or their class timings collide.

3. Love Birds Of Library


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Love has no borders. So, whether it is the canteen of PG or the corridors of the library, you could find the love everywhere without any LIMITATIONS.

4. Group Studies Wale


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On the name of “Group Studies”, you could easily find 6-7 students sitting around and cracking jokes! One of them, after laughing loudly, urged the others to resume studying and after having a befitting reply from one of his fellows, they all start laughing again!

5. Master Of Copy Pasting


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They can be easily found in the reading room. After entering, they rush towards the librarian and ask for 3-4 books, and then start copy pasting it on their notebooks! Cheaters!

6. Future Leaders


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Some people are born with the leadership qualities and the library is the best place for showcasing this utmost talent. They are always surrounded by people to whom they suggest the best subsidiary subjects, they also know each and every jugaar for changing major departments and solution to every problem!

7. The Khidmat e Khalq Kerne Wale


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From catalog section to the issuance of books, these people can revive your faith in humanity. Without any discrimination of gender and sect, they’re available all the time. For your convenience, they take your cell phone number and on a single text banda hazir!

8. Internet Cafe Wale


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The three-storeyed building of Mahmud Hussain Library has a digital library too. Unfortunately, there is no wifi, with the administration blocking Facebook and Twitter on the request of some “parhakoo” students. So, I don’t have any work there, I came out immediately!

9. Confused Ones


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In all of these types of people, the innocent ones are the poor ones who are actually the newcomers! They don’t know where they can get their library cards issue or where the newspaper and magazine section is. They are the real targets of seniors for ragging, bechare!!!

If you have been to the Mahmud Hussain Library too, share your experience with us!

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