Over 19,000 People Are Homeless After Deadly Flood In Haiti

Flood In Haiti

Another big natural flood disaster occurred in Haiti Caribbean island nation, as dozens of people have died in the heavy rain flood devastated the country.

It’s one of the biggest flood incidents that took place that destroyed people’s home and their lives. The flood occurred over the weekend and the death toll has risen up to 42, with another 11 missing as per the authorities.

People toss water out of their homes with a bucket
Source: Al Jazeera

The flood was extremely heavy and it destroyed more than 13,600 homes and forced people to evacuate leaving around 19,000 people homeless.

The officials said that the rains pelted Haiti’s western, northwestern, southeastern, and central regions.

Flood In Haiti, 19,000 People Are Homeless

Now the weather has improved, but the flood damaged the crops and it leads to a spike in starvation. People are searching for temporary shelters after the rain river turns the road into brown muddy water.

The World Food Programme said tens of thousands of people have been affected, with the greatest damage reported in Port-au-Prince’s metropolitan area and in Haiti’s western region.

At least 42 dead in Haiti floods, landslides
Source: ARY NEWS

‘A significant weather-induced event of this level so early in the hurricane season…raises concerns about the ability to provide a sustained response should extreme weather incidents continue to occur,’ the agency warned.

Prime Minister Ariel Henry has said he has asked for international help.

‘My government, together with national and international institutions, is adopting urgent measures to meet the demands of the day,’ Prime Minister Henry said in a government statement.

Last year Turkey & Syria faced a massive earthquake and it was predicted by a Dutch researcher.

Dangling Over An Abyss

“It is essential to follow the recommendations of local authorities on the subject of preventing flood risks and evacuation,” the country’s Civil Protection agency said in a statement on Monday. The agency added it “also takes this moment to remind people at risk not to cross swollen waterways and wild waters under any circumstances”.

UN human rights said that “Haiti dangling over an abyss.”

The rains coincide with the start of the Atlantic hurricane season, which runs from June to November.

“Even before the landslides and flooding, half Haiti’s population needed humanitarian assistance,” Stéphane Dujarric, spokesperson for UN Secretary-General António Guterres told reporters.

“We urge donors to scale up the support for the country’s Humanitarian Response Plan, which is sadly only 20 percent funded, and it is an appeal for $720 million.

Torrential Rains Leave 15 Dead and 8 Missing in Haiti | News | teleSUR  English
Source: TeleSur English

Even before the landslides and flooding, half the Haiti’s population needed humanitarian assistance,’ he said. ‘We urge donors to scale up the support for the country’s Humanitarian Response Plan, which is sadly only 20 percent funded, and it is an appeal for $720 million.”

We all have been much worse than this flood, last year in Pakistan a heavy flood destroyed a major provincial state of Pakistan. International celebrities like Angelina Jolie reaches Pakistan and helped in rebuilding flood victim’s life.

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