People Are Slandering Anwar Maqsood for being Racist towards Sindhis in His Web-series

Anwar Maqsood currently runs a web-series called “Anwarnama”. He’s a veteran writer and a respectable public figure in the field of Arts and Literature. Anwar Maqsood leads a benchmark that has been followed by millions for decades now.

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He’s a complete institution himself and quite irreplaceable in his forte. His son, Bilal Maqsood is the band member of Strings and a popular public figure. Anwar Maqsood is also a relative of late Zubaida Tariq and it shows that his family is quite accomplished and respectable in the eyes of people. However, recently, the veteran writer was under hot water for a very controversial web-series.

The content of his web-series was satirical, targeted on the Sindhi culture and people. The “Anwarnama” web-series was gaining popularity among masses just took a toll on a controversial note after its latest release.

Anwar Maqsood is hit with massive criticism from celebrities and people

His racist overtones have incited a heap of criticism from all kinds of people on the internet.

Ali Gul Pir is not having it at all…

Taimour Salahuddin spoke up too!

People are absolutely enraged

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Shortly after the video came out and it followed so many reactions from people at large, Anwar Maqsood came clean and apologized to his audience. He released a video, sharing his concerns and explaining the whole controversy.

Here’s the video where Anwar Maqsood explains it:

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