Somebody Raised A Serious Question Against Amir Liaquat And People Came Up With Hilarious Answers!

Amir Liaquat Hussain is now a politician. Yeah! This is no surprise for people who have even a little knowledge about what/ who EXACTLY Amir Liaquat is! The ever famous controversial TV anchor is now contesting elections from NA-245 from PTI’s ticket. The story behind how he got the ticket would trigger another debate which already a few PTI followers are upset. Well, Amir Liaquat kept the nation entertained throughout Ramzan by his ever-evolving controversies. How can he keep up with all such things is a secret bigger than God knows what!

This week, another bomb was thrown at people when the news of his second marriage broke. But what disturbed people more was the news that his first wife was rushed to the hospital when she got to know about Amir’s second marriage. Later, it was confirmed by Amir’s daughter on Twitter that his first wife is not stable and not doing well. But people on the internet took full advantage of Amir’s act! Someone on Instagram wrote:

“How the hell do average-looking middle-aged men find young and beautiful girls? Girls, raise your standard!”

Interesting question though

But MashAllah, Alhamdullilah, Subhanallah people in Pakistan have answers for all the questions. ALL!


Confused still, need to ask Amir bhai 101 totkay to impress girls!


Here, someone is worried about Nawaz Shareef. Like WOW!




And yes, anyone who doubts this news we have got a proof too! The woman he married was actually an employee for a private news channel. Somehow, the internet took out this copy of Syed Tuba Anwer’s NIC and there, she has mentioned Amir Liaquat as her spouse.

Dated June 1st, 2018!


But Amir hasn’t mentioned his second marriage in the nomination papers. He has only mentioned his first wife and two kids. What sorcery is this? He has clearly denied the claims of his second marriage. Like how? Why? Well, only he would understand the game he’s playing!

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