People are Questioning Sania Mirza for Celebrating India’s Independence Day, and We Wonder WHY?

The day of independence in every country is celebrated with joy and patriotism, and it just brings out the true spirit in everyone. Pakistan celebrated its 70th Independence on 14th August, whereas India celebrated its 71st on the 15th, and the way both the nations celebrated the days with a full swing could be seen on social media. Many known celebrities also wished their fans, respectively, but some fans were out there just to question them…

However, Sania Mirza, an Indian professional Tennis player, and the wife of Pakistani Cricket player, Shoaib Malik, was amongst the celebrities who wished her fans on India’s 71st Independence day on Twitter and Instagram. The response she got on Instagram was just what she had expected it to be when she posted a picture of herself with fellow Tennis players at a dinner on Independence day.

Here’s where it all began…

but… little did this guy know, some Twitterati wanted him to seek some knowledge….

and then this Sahab who apparently thinks that Sania Mirza is Hindu….

And then, there were people who were making sure Sania was taking care of her responsibilities…

However, a lot needs to be done to conquer the world. But, some people, with full confidence on social media are claiming someone to be Hindu just because the person belongs from India.

Do you think she deserved to be questioned just because she didn’t wish the Pakistanis on their Independence day?

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