Trolls Are Making Memes On This Guy – Do They Even Know He Is Pakistan’s First Deaf Engineer?

wamiq hasan

Recently, some Twitterati witnessed trolls making fun of Wamiq Hasan, not knowing that he is deaf, and it is outrageous!

The Internet gives freedom to social media trolls to hunt down people, brands, actions, names, thoughts, and everything for that matter. In mythology, trolls are creatures that live in isolated mountains, and caves. They are rarely helpful or friendly to human beings. You see how interesting and logical it is to call these people ‘trolls’?

You can easily find any trending hashtags or a negative comment on any social media platform by some attention-seeking trolls. Clearly, they stir up controversies purposely and give rise to meaningless debates in social media communities.

Well, the same happened when some Twitter users saw some merciless troll making a mockery out of a man spotted at PSL, Wamiq Hasan. We can only assume that he or she was not aware of the guy suffers from impairment of hearing.

Who is Wamiq Hasan?

Wamiq Hasan is the founder of a startup that provides on-demand sign language interpretation services in Pakistan and Singapore. Thousands in the deaf community use his app ‘DeafTawk’ regularly to conduct basic day-to-day tasks.

Source: Facebook

DeafTawk provides online sign language interpretation services through a video calling solution “I was born deaf and the biggest challenge for me was the lack of interpreters so I was denied the ability to continue my education,” the DeafTawk’s website quotes Hasan as saying.

“I then decided to move to the US to avail myself of this facility and with the help of an interpreter, I was able to complete my computer engineering degree,” he added. “After my graduation, I went to Pakistan only to realize the problem was still there. That’s why we built this platform – to empower the deaf community.”

Meanwhile, a social media user took to Twitter to put the troll to shame and introduced Hasan. He is a genius computer engineer and the founder of the app. He is working in Pakistan providing a service that the government should be providing.

“Every day he is doing more for the deaf community than any of us ever have. If you’re making memes out of him, you are disgusting,” the user wrote.

Indeed, they are not disabled, but just differently abled!

Needless to say, we all enjoy memes and all the trolling on the Internet. But let’s face it, we need to set some boundaries. As a society, we have simply lost the ability to respect others.

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