People are Angry with Hania Amir after She “Violated a Guy’s Personal Space” on Snapchat

There’s a massive concern about personal space and privacy in our culture. People are increasingly wary of keeping their privacy intact, especially after the revolutionary change in communication. However, it still gets violated every now and then, and in order to contest that, every social network lays great emphasis on keeping the community’s privacy and has adopted a strict policy for the same.

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Moving on… Celebrities have a sort of reputation to uphold. Millions follow them and the privilege of being free and independent with one’s action has a different definition for any celebrity. Just recently, Hania Amir, an actress who is making it big in the industry has sparked a massive controversy. People came across her Snapchat story and it’s not received well by her followers.

Here’s the Snapchat story by Hania Amir that has hit a bad nerve with people

Apparently, Hania Amir is trying to record a guy sitting behind her and find it amusing and funny how he is trying really hard to stay out of the camera. She dubs it in a fun way and shares it with all of her followers. People do not find it okay at all.

In fact, people find it deplorable. A heap of direct criticism has gushed out over the particular Snapchat story by Hania Amir. People are raising valid concerns over it.

The guy raises a point here

Others follow suit

And then this happened…

People find it way too obnoxious and out of place

Dear Lord

Why is there a need to fake accents, anyway?

Do you agree with his opinion here?

How many of you agree?

It’s apparent that many people chose to ignore here and found her Snapchat story amusing. On the flipside, someone actually pointed how it appears distasteful. What is your take on the whole matter?

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