PEMRA Just Banned This Ice-Cream Ad for Being Too “Seductive” and People Are NOT Happy

Just another day one of our national institutions absolutely leaving us in a state of shock with their actions. This time, it’s the institution that is responsible for issuing and regulating the licenses, rights, and terms of media content in Pakistan. Yes, we are talking about PEMRA who just made headlines with their new ruling over a TVC.

So, recently, this ad came out of an ice-cream that has sparked a controversy that perhaps only PEMRA sees it. It has been modeled as “seductive” and “sensual” and violating the terms that the regulating authority has issued for all media content. It’s an advertisement where a woman is seen taking a bite of an ice-cream stick. According to PEMRA, it is a bit arousing and not appropriate for some viewers.

Source: Pakistan Today

Here are some of the images from the ad and now you decide if they are seductive?

Source: Twitter


Source: Twitter


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Source: Twitter

Hmm, that looks delicious. I am only tempted to eat ice-cream here.

To be honest, it is only going to be that way if you see it that way. If you approach it with a perspective that the content is potentially “seductive” or not appropriate for some users, you are bound to end up feeling that way. It’s human psychology, basically.

Some Pakistanis find the decision taken by PEMRA to ban this ad very ridiculous. They have portrayed their criticism over the relevant decision. People continue to suggest against the relevant conflict with it.

It doesn’t amuse Pakistanis at all…

Is PEMRA right to take such a measure against the advertisement or are they being too harsh? Share your opinion.

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