Pedophile Arrested For Running Child Pornography Ring In Pakistan

pedophile Sohail Ayaz

In the strangest news of 2019, a pedophilia ring has been exposed in Pakistan. As per numerous sources, a deported pedophile has been arrested in Pakistan after a lengthy investigation.

A charade that had been orbiting in the news circles of the country. finally has some substance to it. Police arrested a notorious child porn businessman named Sohail Ayaz the other day. However, that is not the worst part of the news.

According to sources, Sohail Ayaz also worked as a ‘Save The Children’ worker, ironically. Sohail had used his influence and contacts to rape and film children. Sohail has also been accused of kidnapping, raping and drugging minors to film them.

Sohail ayaz pedophile

Source: dailymail

The police claim that Sohail Ayaz had been running an online child pornography ring on the Dark Web. The case against him was strengthened by the fact that he has a shady past. In 2009, the pedophile was deported from the United Kingdom on child-sex charges.

However, the recent case that got him in trouble was his abduction of a 13-year-old boy. After the child’s mother reported her son is missing, all eyes led to Sohail. The notorious pedophile took the child to his house in Bahria Town, Rawalpindi where he raped and filmed him.

Upon Sohail’s arrest, police recovered uncountable child pornography material from his possession. Sohail Ayaz was investigated in-depth, which is where he confessed to raping over 30 minors, including babies that were months old.

Pedophile Sohail Ayaz works for KPK government

In addition, ironically, Sohail Ayaz worked as a consultant in the KPK government. He was attached to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Civil Secretariat’s planning department, which works with children as well.

Sohail Ayaz, with his shady past, has finally been arrested. It is monsters like him that rape little children like Zainab Bashir from Kasur. In the wake of his past, pedophile Sohail’s family had detached as well, including his wife in children.

Consequently, after raping the 13-year-old boy, Sohail Ayaz had been threatening his family of consequences. He had filmed the child and said he would release the footage if the family did not cooperate.

Sohail’s shady past in the UK

Moreover, a total of 400 images and 112 videos of child pornography material has been recovered from Sohail’s house. The pedophile, who is now 45, was 35 years old when a case of child sexual abuse was registered against him in the UK.

Additionally, Sohail also has a history of working with children. Even in the UK, he was working for a children’s charity, where he subjected the boy to assault. Animals like Sohail Ayaz roam our streets, disguising themselves in their white-collar work-coats.

The police and other investigation agencies have done a wonderful job of exposing this pedophile. Countless children have been saved, and we must pay tribute to this achievement. However, until the Dark Web exists, animals like Sohail will continue to find a relevant audience in this worst case of fetish.

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