PCB will Likely Change the Selection Committee Amidst the Cricket World Cup

PCB will Likely change the Selection Committee Amidst the Cricket World Cup

With the fan pressure on the top and social media filled with fan’s anger. PCB’s 7-member selection committee is to see changes. Babar’s captaincy may not be immediately in question,

PCB finds it important to bring changes to its selection committee with its white-ball series in November. Wahab Riaz’s position in the selection committee lies in question. The board will run its investigation, collecting information.

Rumors are circulating that the Pakistani head coach Gary Kirsten lashed out in a closed meeting. Gary pointed out the mismanagement and disunity in the Pakistani team. Though there has been no confirmation, no proper denial.

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Such a stance by PCB is creating questions on the internal dynamics of the board and the team. It is pertinent to note that the PCB inter-balance in question creates questions on the balance of the team.

The first person’s position in doubt is Wahab Riaz, though the selection committee does not have a chief. Wahab for his longevity and his influence seems to act as a de facto chief. Mohsin Naqvi may tighten his grip, to resolve such disputes.

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