PCB Hopes To Host SL vs Pak 2019 Test Series This October

SL vs Pak 2019

Nothing is more exciting for Pakistanis than cricket. Be it PSL, World Cup, T20 or Test Series, it has the hearts of the nation. So listening to the news that Pakistan is going to most likely host a test series SL vs Pak 2019, how could we have not been excited. 

Sri Lanka is one of the teams that we would be proud to have in our ground, right in front of us. And the fact that test cricket is finally returning to our country 10 years later to 2009 is also VERY huge for us. 

Terrorism Disrupted Cricket In Pakistan

Pakistan used to be the host of International cricket a few years ago. But ever since terrorism took charge it became a lost cause for Pakistan to play international cricket in its homeland. However, in recent years there have been a number of developments; A series of West Indies vs Pakistan was held in Karachi and PSL finals were arranged in Pakistan too. Which included teams loaded with international players who enjoyed the series more than we did. 

In all the international matches that took place in recent years the security of the team was especially taken care of. There were checkposts in every route to the stadiums. Which resulted in a peaceful play of matches. 

So this time too for SL vs Pak 2019 test series, the security would be on high alert. Especially on the arrival of the teams. 

Visit Of High Sri Lankan Delegation For SL vs Pak 2019

High Sri Lankan delegation on their visit to Pakistan is reviewing the security arrangements for the SL vs Pak 2019 test series that is to be played in October.  Mohan de Silva, the SLC’s honorary secretary along with his 3 member team visited National Stadium. And met with top security officials in Karachi. 

Kaleem Imam, Sindh’s inspector general of police (IGP) briefed the delegation about the security arrangements that would be operating in Karachi during the course of teams tour. 

After the briefing, the Sri Lankan delegation which included SLC’s chief security advisor, Air Chief Marshall Roshan Goonetileke, the head of international cricket, Chandima Mapatuna, and the assistant manager anti-corruption and security, Mudiyanselage Palitha Seneviratne, was convinced that foolproof arrangements have been made for the security of the team in SL vs Pak 2019 series . 

Besides the security, the officials also briefed the delegation about the training facilities at the national stadium Karachi.

The Sri Lankan delegation arrived on 6th August. And is yet to visit more venues in Lahore and Karachi.

Comments Of The Sri Lankan Delegates

De Silva was happy about the comprehensive presentation on the arrangements. And called the discussion, and briefing fruitful.

However, the SLC head said that they are making a report on the security arrangements for the matches. After going back they would forward it to the executive committee. Also mentioning that the experience of 2009 has naturally made the players and the public doubtful. Hence, the delegation is doing a thorough assessment of all the security arrangements for SL vs Pak 2019 series.

Pakistanis are lauding PCB for bringing test cricket back home. But few among the many are still up for criticism.

Anyhow, this could be considered a good sign of development in Pakistan. And we wish to hear more good news like these in the future too. Best of Luck to PCB!

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