WATCH: Patient In COVID-19 Ward Mistakes Doctor For A Ghost & Screams Her Head Off

patient mistakes doctor ghost

Over the past few days, a video showing a patient who mistakes a doctor for a ghost after seeing a medical worker wearing white protective gear has gone crazy viral. The video left many social media users rolling on the floor laughing.

In the video, we can see a hospital cabin and two patients sleeping on their beds, separated by a curtain. Next, we see a medical worker clad in white protective gear slowly walking towards a patient whose bed was behind the curtain. As soon as the worker removes the curtain, the patient starts screaming her lungs out. As if the patient had just seen a ghost standing near her as she mistakes the doctor for a ghost.

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The other patient, who was on oxygen, was startled by the scream and sprung up from his bed to see what happened. As the medical worker pulled aside the privacy curtain, some light streamed into his cubicle from the other side. In order to convince the patient that this was not a paranormal experience, the medical worker had to speak up.

Two other doctors rushed into the room almost immediately to see what had happened. After she had established that she was still alive, the lady began to mumble some incoherent words to explain her reason for screaming.

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Hearing what had happened, one of the medical workers looked as if he was laughing so hard that he had to place one hand on his stomach. In an almost crying, half-laughing manner, the medical worker who caused the patient’s jump scare looked at the other workers.

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In the meantime, a neighbor patient who had become so interested in the affair that he forgot he himself was on breathing equipment, laid down to continue his sleep. The incident reportedly took place in Vietnam.

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To be honest, we can’t really blame this lady. Sure, her loud, long scream must have scared other patients, but to someone suffering from a deadly disease and certain fear of death, the sight of a white figure appearing in the dead of night may have seemed like a terrifying goodbye. 

Since the crisis began over a year ago, medical workers have rallied together to provide patients with comfort and hope. Seeing these nurses running back and forth from one patient to another has given patients and their families a beacon of hope. Perhaps this humorous hospital tale will take your mind off the COVID-19 situation for a while. You may as well realize that not everyone who wears white in the hospital is a ghost.

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